Past Events

    As a group we have:

  • Flown simulators
  • Toured the Control Tower at Palomar Airport
  • Flown in experimental (but totally safe!) aircraft built and flown by members of the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA – the sponsor the huge Oshkosh airshow held every year in July in Oshkosh Wisconsin)
  • Toured San Diego International Airport (the whole place that tourist don’t see)
  • Visited COAST Flight School at Montgomery airfield
  • Visited the Aviation Program at San Diego Christian College and toured their flight line at Gillespie Field
  • Went flying some more in training aircraft
  • Had numerous guest speakers from various corners of the aviation career field
  • Went flying some more in some experimental (but totally safe!) aircraft
  • Attended many airshows including EAA AirVenture's Oshkosh
  • Had lectures on the aviation field topics like …
    • The current and future job market for Professional Pilots
    • The basics of the flight instruments in an aircraft cock-pit
    • The flight pattern
    • Some of the basics of Aerodynamics
    • The FAA airspace and cross-country flight planning